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Noon srl is the result of the entrepreneurial idea of professionals in the energy efficiency sector, with a passion for innovative technologies and decades of experience in the renewable energy and design sector. Born with the aim of establishing itself, as a highly qualified and reliable technological partner, alongside each company. It has brought to the market cutting-edge technologies with a high quality / price ratio, designing and implementing integrated solutions for energy efficiency, in E.P.C. (Engineering, Procurement & Construction), PPA, EnPC and Operative Rental.

Company studies and proposes solutions to minimize energy consumption using renewable sources, efficient and technologically advanced lighting systems equipped with smart functions. In January 2019, with a view to national development, the company inaugurated two representative points in strategic Italian areas.

integrated solutions for energy efficiency

E.P.C. (Engineering, Procurement & Construction), PPA, EnPC and Operative Rental


Informazioni di contatto

Sede operativa:
Via Alessandro Telesino, 51
90135 Palermo

Lunedì - Venerdì: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
Sabato - Domenica: Chiusi


Sede legale:
Via Lucio Piccolo, 7
90147 Palermo

Telefono +39 091 5556851
+39 091 6760886
Fax +39 091 8773298
P. Iva 06570270824


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